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You Deserve it ALL

You deserve to reach your biggest boldest career ambitions.

You deserve access to insider information, key career-building knowledge and the network it takes to help you thrive.

You deserve a tribe that has your back, no matter what.

You also deserve the space to put as much attention and intention into building your ideal personal life as you do into achieving the career of your dreams.

You deserve to live a holistic life you absolutely love.

Sis, you Deserve to Have it ALL.

Who Is

Exceptional Black Women...Just Like YOU!

The Exceptional Black Woman Network was created for bold, ambitious, and yes, exceptional Black women who not only dream the big dreams, but who are ready to make them happen.

This Network is open to ambitious women across the career spectrum and at every stage of career development. So whether you're navigating the corporate space, a government or non-profit career trajectory, or even if you have your own business, this is a space created and curated just for you.

From CEOs to the just-got-in-the- doors, this is a space for mutually supportive, game-changing women dedicated to the vision of lifting as we climb.

If that's you, we look forward to welcoming you inside.

Join The Network!

Two Membership Levels To Choose From

The Exceptional Emerging Leader membership level is designed for early-career women climbing that ladder of success. Here, you'll have the opportunity to 'be in the room' with other ambitious and high-achieving Sistahs, and glean from in-demand, high-profile women in leadership across the career spectrum.

  • + Live Fireside Chats
  • + Live monthly Let's Do Lunch Series
  • + Live pop-up trainings
  • + Weekly Mid-Week Micro Masterminds
  • + Job bank access

$47 monthly


$497 annually


For the success-driven, mid or senior level career professional, Executive, aspiring Executive, or Entrepreneur, the Exceptional Executive membership provides you the opportunity to network with other high-achieving women while gaining insight on how you can not only make it to that next level of success in your career but also, how to be intentional about building a lifestyle reflective of your personal definition of holistic success.

  • + Live Fireside Chats plus unlimited replay access
  • + Live monthly Let's Do Lunch Series plus unlimited replay access
  • + Live pop-up trainings
  • + Weekly Mid-Week Micro Masterminds
  • + Job bank access
  • + Inclusion in the Career Pod of your choice
  • + Member Spotlight opportunities
  • + Featured Let's Do Lunch expert speaker opportunities
  • + Access to the EBWN vault with training replays, interviews, and more
  • + Discounted admission to our in-person events

$97 monthly


$997 annually

Included In All Memberships


Live intimate interviews with trail-blazing Black women leaders. Hear personal advice, insider knowledge and game-changing secrets to success.


Monthly lunchtime masterclasses provided by guest experts to learn practical steps to immediately amplify and elevate your career and life.


Do lunch every Wednesday with Network Members and get to know one another with facilitated Mastermind discussions to address current challenges and opportunities at work and beyond!


It's not always what you know but who you know. Our members pledge to bring our community job opportunities first in order to increase our presence in the work force.


To augment our virtual get-togethers, as soon as it's safe to hold in-person meet-ups enjoy in-person networking brunches to meet your Network beyond the virtual screen!

Join Now!


There is nothing like a tropical get-away to get you centered back into the essence of you. The focus of this Network is not just career success, it's also about prioritizing self-care, self-love, and regularly putting YOU at the top of your to-do list. What better way to do it than with regular get-aways?

Membership Has Its

Choose Your Membership Level and Receive Amazing Bonuses!



For Exceptional Emerging Leaders, it's time to get paid what you're worth. In this special salary / raise negotiation training, Dr. Avis will empower you with the tools you need to FINALLY get paid what you're worth and make that stubborn double wage gap, a thing of the past.


For Exceptional Executives, receive a special Life Mapping Session with Dr. Avis that's meant to help you examine your life holistically, with eye towards learning how to build with the boldest of intentions, an existence that is truly reflective of HAVING IT ALL!


No matter what level you join, once you complete your brief on-boarding series, you'll be sent a very special gift meant to remind you everyday of just how exceptional you truly are.


Is this a Coaching program?

No. While you will have access to regular trainings as part of our Let's Do Lunch Series, and of course, you'll get TONS of gems from our Fireside Chats, this is not a coaching program. It is a membership program designed to help you build a mutually beneficial high-powered network with a wide range of other Exceptional Black Women just like you. At the center of networks is relationships. And EBWN will help foster relationship-building through our various virtual and in-person events. From our weekly micro-Masterminds to our Tropical Retreats and everything in between, we will bring together a community of ambitious, high achieving, Black women, who will learn together, grow together, celebrate one another and elevate each other. This is literally a place to lift as we climb.

I just started my career. Is this too advanced for me?

Not at all. A key part of career-success is being surrounded by those who are where you aspire to be. Even aside from the trainings and Fireside chats you'll have access to, you will have the priceless opportunity to not only be in the room, but form relationships with other ambitious young professionals just like you as well as high achieving more senior-level professionals who know the specific challenges that you face today and will face tomorrow.

I'm a C-Suite level professional. Is this too elementary for me?

Absolutely not. The Exceptional Black Women Network is one of those rare spaces where you will have the opportunity to regularly connect with and build mutually beneficial relationships with other high-achieving Black women just like you. You can connect with women within your specific industry (as part of our Career Pods) as well as with Black women across the career spectrum. But in every respect, you will be surrounded with other Black women who know what you face everyday and can help give you the encouragement and insight to get where you want to be tomorrow. Further, this is a space where you might also find a younger mentor. Especially as a leader, it's good to have access to multi-generational perspectives. This is a safe space to receive those insights. And listly, we know that you are not just the badass professional that gets things done, you are a multifaceted Black woman that deserves to be seen in fullness of who you are. This is a space that will help you prioritize YOU beyond your 9 to 5.

I'm an entrepreneur. Is this membership only for Black women who are employed?

Entrepreneurs need to network too! So no, this is not a Membership exclusively opened to Black women in the workforce. Plus, if you choose the Executive Level membership, you and your business will have the opportunity to be featured before the entire network as well as the opportunity to be featured as an expert by conducting trainings as part of our Let's Do Lunch Series. Who knows, your next several clients might be another Exceptional Black Woman Network member, just like you!

Is this Network only focused on career success?

While we stress career success a great deal in The Exceptional Black Woman Network, it is NOT our exclusive focus. Instead, our focus will be the whole Black woman. So infused throughout our membership activities will be a strong focus on self-care, secrets to building strong personal relationships, and in every way imaginable, being fully equipped to build a holistic life you LOVE!

I don't live in the United States. Can I join?

Of course! This membership is open to women of African descent throughout the Diaspora as well as those who currently live on the Continent. There is much we can learn from one another. It's time for all of us to shine!

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

We do not offer refunds. But if you are on a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time with 7 days notice.

What happens after I join?

Keep an eye on your inbox! You'll receive an e-mail about how you can log on to our private membership online portal and download the app.

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